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Sheehan & Rosie Ltd.


"You made a frustrating situation easier to handle - Thank you for answering my questions so effciently! I appreciate it !"
Niagara Falls
August 2017

"Excellent Service, as always! Thank you, Joanne"
St Catharines
May 2017

"Exceeded my Expectations.  Thoroughly impressed!"
St Catharines
April 2017

"Good Service & Responses from Shelley"
June 2016

" As I have never gone through with a accident before I was pretty upset.  I feel I am a careful driver and for her to just not watch where she was going I could not believe.  The service I received from everyone was amazing.  Thank you all for the wonderful service."
- Shirley
St Catharines
June 2016

"Recommended from a family member. They took good care of me and got me a good deal for my first car.  I also didn't feel like they would rip me off.  They were honest and explained things to me and directed me what to do when getting the car in my name as well.  Thumbs up to Toni and Kevin"
St Catharines
June 2016

"We want to say "Thank You" for the great service we received from Intact Insurance and also your office.  We are very satisfied"
- Jannie
St Catharines
Feb 2016

"The services of Sheehan & Rosie Ltd and of Intact were kind and helpful in every way.  My sincere thanks to all concerned.”
- Teresa 
Nov 2015
"John there is awesome! got me a great rate, lower than expected. Very professional and reliable."
August 2015

“Intact was very thorough & ultimately very fair. Thanks Joanne Massiah”  
- Margaret
St Catharines
Aug 2015
“We were very pleased with everything and with how quickly the response was and with the advice that was given.”  
- Janet
Apr 2015