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Fill out the appropriate claims form below and submit to us. If possible, please provide day time contact information so we can contact you.

If you require urgent assistance, we recommend you contact us directly at:

If it is after business hours or a holiday, you can contact your insurance company's claims department by either phone or website for emergency service and advice:

Aviva & Aviva Elite Visit Site (866) 692-8482
Chieftain Insurance (Travelers) Visit Site (800) 268-5371
Dominion of Canada (Travelers) Visit Site (800) 268-5371
Echelon Insurance Visit Site (866) 931-0570
Intact Insurance Visit Site (866) 464-2424
Jevco Insurance Visit Site (866) 864-1112
Nordique Facility   (866) 464-2424
Heartland (North Waterloo) Visit Site (800) 265-8813
Optimum Insurance Visit Site (877) 806-8023
Premier Marine   (519) 649-0688
Royal Sun Alliance Visit Site (800) 319-9993

Even if you report the claim directly to your insurance company it’s a good idea to contact us on the next business day to let us know what happened, we will be able to provide valuable advice on the claims process.